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What can you say about vinyl floors? After losing market share for years to hard surfaces such as laminate, wood and ceramic tile; they’ve begun to fight back with better quality, more realistic patterns and wear layers that meet consumer expectations.
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  • look of real wood flooring lethbridgeVinyl floors are still cost-effective. Dollar for dollar, vinyl floors deliver more value-benefit, than most other hard surface floors. Similarly priced vinyl floors offer comparable or better styling and performance than wood, laminate and ceramic tile.
  • There is literally no limit to the design, pattern and color combinations available in vinyl floors today. If you’re not into wood, stone or tile-look flooring there is a whole spectacle of colors and patterns to choose from.
  • Vinyl floors have the look and feel of real wood, stone and ceramic. With the aid of digital imaging, new technology has helped create vinyl floors with the natural look and feel of real wood, stone and ceramic.
  • Vinyl floors come in sheet goods, square tiles and planks. Each with its own benefit. Sheet goods reduce the need for seams, while the tile and plank format are easier to handle, less wasteful and look more realistic.
  • Vinyl floors are durable and offer better resistance to scratches and denting than wood floors, and proves better than ceramic for resistance to chipping.
  • Vinyl floors are warm and soft. Hence the term resilient floors. Vinyl floors do not need in-floor heating, and because of their resiliency, are easier to walk and stand on for prolonged periods.

bedroom vinyl flooring

  • By its very nature vinyl is impervious to moisture, making it a perfect choice for kitchens, bathrooms and entryways.
  • Vinyl floors are easy to maintain. With no wax pvc and urethane finishes, today’s vinyl floors in varying degrees resist stains, scuffs and dirt, while never needing wax. Regular sweeping to remove grit, occasional damp mopping and periodic re-dressing of the finish layer is all they need.
  • Vinyl can go anywhere in your home. Although mostly recognized for kitchens and bathrooms, vinyl can be used in any room in your home, above or below grade.
  • Vinyl floors last. With proper installation and maintenance a good quality vinyl floor will last for many years. In most cases the “style” wears out before the floor.
  • Vinyl floors are quicker, easier and less expensive to install. And for this reason is often the first choice of builders. As long as the substrate is in good condition, the installation is quite simple – for a trained professional anyway.
Lethbridge vinyl flooring tips

    • We do not recommend residential vinyl in areas of standing moisture. Although resistant to topical moisture, vinyl floors are not meant to “hold” water.
    • Direct sunlight can burn or damage your vinyl floor. Never install it out doors and make sure all windows and patio doors have some form of shade or curtain to reduce the affect of U.V. light.
    • Avoid patterns with white backgrounds. If the nineties taught us anything it was that all things yellow when exposed to light. And while darker colors hide this yellowing, white floors exaggerated it.
    • Vinyl is usually not a good do-it-yourself project. Your substrate must be just right and installing it around cabinets and doorways can be a little tricky. It’s best to have an experienced professional do it.
    • Floor preparation is critical. Proper vinyl installation requires a level, smooth clean and dry substrate. If your area cannot meet this criterion, then it may not be a candidate for a vinyl floor.
    • Vinyl floors are basically made out of PVC (poly-vinyl chloride). Studies have found that chemical softeners in vinyl called phthalates, when found in moist conditions, to be associated with respiratory problems (i.e. asthma).

* It should be noted that something like 50% of pvc production is used in the building industry whereas only 3% is used in making vinyl floors. So it follows that floors are only a small part of this problem.

* In 2005, the RFCI (Resilient Floor Covering Institute) in conjunction with SCS (Scientific Certification Systems) developed the FloorScore Program to independently test and certify flooring products for compliance with indoor air quality requirements. Most vinyl floors offered by domestic producers have been tested and certified with the FloorScore Seal.

* Armstrong recently introduced the new patent-pending bio-based polymer called BioStride, used in their Migrations commercial tile. Made from rapidly renewable plant-based ingredients it is totally Green, while earning the FloorScore Seal for low emissions.

cushion vinyl floor

  • Continued realism of natural stone, wood and ceramic tile is the biggest trend today.
  • The re-emergence of Cushion Floor. Substantially thick, super soft, and realistic looking vinyl has returned. Reinforced fiberglass backing allows installation to be either loose lay or full spread.

vinyl lethbridge types

  • LVTs or luxury vinyl tiles are made from a mix of vinyl and natural fillers like limestone, and offer greater durability and performance with the warmth, resilience and ease of maintenance of vinyl.
  • Linoleum is back in vogue with consumers who are conscious of the environment and their health. Made from a mixture of oxidized linseed oil, pine resins and wood flour, it is extremely durable and a truly all-natural and renewable product.
  • Obviously look for a pattern that suits your tastes and decor. There is enough variety out there that you should have no trouble finding “your look” in just about every price category. Note however, that the higher end products do seem to have the better styles and more choices.
  • Buy the best quality you can afford today. Don’t be fooled into thinking an entry level vinyl will perform the same as the top-end product. And don’t think that you’ll buy the cheap one now and replace it later. You wont because the labor isn’t easy or inexpensive.
  • vinyl duraceramic flooringLook at the wear layer and the overall thickness. A thicker vinyl offers more stability and resistance to tears, dents and gouges. And a thicker wear layer resists scuffs, cuts and scratches better. Look for enhanced urethanes with aluminum oxide for better performance.
  • Consider Luxury Vinyl Tiles. Comparable in cost to an entry-level wood or ceramic floors, LVTs are the perfect solution. They offer the warmth, resilience and ease of maintenance so often associated with vinyl, as well as strength, stability and performance.
  • Consider the new Cushion Floors for comfort underfoot, quiet warmth and ease of installation. The gel foam cushion reduces impact noise and sound transmission. While the glass fiber layer combines strength with flexibility for easier installation and moisture resistance. Now add an enhanced urethane wear layer with aluminum oxide and you have a floor built to resist fading, scratches and scuffs. Who could ask for anything more?
  • Look for vinyl flooring with the FloorScore Seal. A healthier home is a happier home, so why not look for a floor with low emissions?









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Why Vinyl? It has taken months, but you have finally found your dream home. It has everything you want and meets all the right criteria, EXCEPT the flooring is outdated and ugly. If you have kids, pets or a busy lifestyle, you will want a type of flooring that withstand wear and tear, spills and moving furniture, and not need to be replaced in a few years. If you are looking for a durable, long-lasting floor, consider installing vinyl into your home.

Vinyl flooring is a very flexible option. There is no limit to the style, design, pattern or color that you can get. It can imitate wood, stone, tile, you name it. Vinyl comes in planks or tiles, so it is easy to install and can look exactly like the material you are trying to imitate, often for a lower price. It is a soft flooring option and it is very easy to clean. Vinyl naturally repels water so getting mold is not an issue if you wanted to install it in an entryway or places that get mildly wet. Due to its material, vinyl is durable and will last for many years with proper installation. However, white vinyl is not recommended as it can stain over years of use or the colors can fade due to sun damage.

If you looking to install vinyl into your home, contact FloorRight Interiors. FloorRight will help you find a pattern that suits your lifestyle and the type of room you desire within the budget that you set out. This small local company provides high-quality flooring with expertise that can only come from years of experience. If you are looking for vinyl or any other type of flooring, contact FloorRight Interiors to have all your questions answered by professionals.