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Introduced to North America in the mid 1990s, laminate sales have increased steadily and continue to garner market share from other flooring categories. Laminate floors make a lot of sense for a lot of people.
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  • laminate flooring lethbridgeLaminate is durable. Laminate is constructed around an inner core of high-density fiberboard (HDF) that gives it strength, stability and resistance to dents. This core is usually topped with a photo-generated image or design and a wear layer consisting of a thin coating of aluminum oxide to resist stains, burns and fading.
  • Laminate is realistic looking. Although really just a picture, printing technology has advanced to create the look of wood, stone and tile, with embossing so authentic, you can’t tell it’s not real.
  • Laminate is easy to install. With the introduction of the “Uniclic” joint system, laminate is super fast, easy and less messy to install. No problem for most do-it-yourself-ers. And because it’s a floating floor, laminate can go almost anywhere in the home, with minimal floor preparation.uniclic flooring lethbridge
  • Laminate is easy to maintain. The aluminum oxide finish resists fading, burns and staining. Sweep or vacuum on a regular basis to keep grit and dirt off your floor, and damp mop your laminate floor weekly. Use walk-off mats at doorways to capture tracked-in dirt and moisture.
  • Laminate is moisture resistant. But it is not meant to endure continuous moisture or standing water. The wear layer will withstand normal everyday moisture, while the joints are often treated and, in good quality laminates, are sufficiently tight to resist water penetration. With proper sealing around the perimeter of the installation, laminate floors can even be installed in bathrooms.
  • Laminate is cost-effective. Installation is quicker, easier and therefore saves time and money. Floor-prep is minimal and with the Uniclic joining system do-it-yourself-ers can have confidence in their ability to install their own laminate floor.
  • Laminate is compatible with hydronic radiant floor heating. It is not recommended, however, over electric radiant heat because this type heats up too fast.
  • Laminate is environmentally responsible. Manufacturing laminate does not involve harvesting old growth hardwoods. Laminate is primarily made from recycled wood and wood by-products such as wood fiber and wood pulp. It is safe to dispose of and can even be recycled after use. Uniclic laminates guarantee that you can re-install, and therefore re-use, their floors up to three times.
  • Laminate is health conscious. Unlike carpet, its smooth surface does not provide a breeding environment for dust mites. And because laminates are manufactured in a process that uses heat and pressure, there is a minimal use of glues and chemicals. Uniclic Quick Step laminates, for example, are classified E1 with emissions ½ to ¼ the maximum allowed.
  • Laminate cannot be re-finished. Remember laminate is only a picture or design on the surface of a fiberboard core. It is not like real wood that can be re-finished several times in the course of its lifetime.
  • Laminates have a shorter life expectancy than other hard surface floors such as wood, stone or tile.

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  • Laminate floors can be noisy. Probably because of its floating installation method, you sometimes get a hollow “clickity-clack” sound when walked on with shoes. Too often consumers invest in a good quality laminate and then settle for cheap underlayment.
  • Laminate floors may add less value to your home than the natural hard surface floors they mimic.
  • There are few or no facilities to recycle laminates yet. Undoubtedly, the use of laminates will continue to grow and the need to recycle them will encourage ideas for their re-use.

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  • Laminates will continue to look more realistic as they continue to mimic the appearance of real wood, stone and ceramic. Laminates will become even more three dimensional and textured, offering distressed or hand-scraped look floors.
  • Again, in that pursuit of realism, more laminates will come in the form of narrow strips or planks and have the same micro-bevel of wood floors.
  • Higher gloss finishes are beginning to appear. One of the most frequent requests of consumers was for more shine. So now you have it.
  • The trend continues to be towards more unique patterning, better quality and great value when it comes to laminate flooring.

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  • Generally speaking a thicker core offers more stability and should reduce movement on an uneven substrate. To avoid warping and twisting, no less than 8mm thickness is recommended. While having a 13mm core, however, does not mean that your floor will wear better. Durability is determined by features like the surface wear layer, the density of the core and whether the joint is sufficiently tight and coated to resist moisture.
  • Look for a laminate made by an accredited member of the EPLF the association of European Producers of Laminate Floors or the NALFA, the North American Laminate Flooring Association. These associations offer standards and product certification so that the consumer can be assured of a healthy and well-made floor.
    • Look for the AC Rating in European laminates. The AC Rating (abrasion class) is a measure of durability and a way for the consumer to balance price against value.

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  • NALFA flooring lethbridgeLook for the NALFA Seal for laminates manufactured in North America. NALFA tests and certifies laminate products for overall performance, durability, strength and quality.
  • Look for an emission rating of no greater than E1. This is a measure of a laminate’s formaldehyde and VOC emissions. Most quality laminates rank far below minimum standards.
  • Not all “Uniclic” systems are created equally. The Uniclic joint system has proved to be the best. It installs horizontally or at an angle and maintains a constant pressure on the joint. The result is no play or gaps. In fact, Uniclic joints are guaranteed not to gap if installed properly. Another feature of the Uniclic joint is that it can be dismantled up to three times. That means it’s easy to take apart for repairs, or move it to another room or maybe the cottage.laminate flooring methodMethod laminate flooring
  • Look for a laminate with a low swell rate. EPLF AND NALFA approved laminates must meet a standard of 18% or less, where as unapproved brands have been tested at as much as 40%. Uniclic Quick Step laminate, for example, tests at 8%.
  • Look for a laminate that has all the moldings you’ll need to do a complete installation. So often people buy a bargain laminate that offers no moldings and have to settle for vinyl caps and nosings.











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Laminate For Any Room. If you are building a new house, there are lots of decisions to be made. How many rooms do you want? What color should you paint the walls? Should this be a study or a bedroom? Once you have the general idea of what the purpose of the room will be, the next decision is on the type of flooring you will need. If you are unsure what you want to do with the room, laminate flooring is always a safe choice.

Laminate flooring is very durable and realistic looking. Similar to vinyl, you can get almost any pattern or color printed onto laminate so that your floor has the appearance of a different material. It is easy to maintain since the floor can be quickly swept or mopped and it is fairly moisture resistant. Compared to wood or tile, laminate is a cost-effective option and is easy to install based on a ‘Uniclic’ system that easily slides together. However, if laminate is not installed properly, you risk leaks and the adhesive could wear out. It is also known to be a noisier flooring option so if the purpose of the room is changed after the flooring is installed, a decorative rug can be added to the room to provide a more comfortable, relaxing feel.

If you are looking for dependable flooring, laminate could be the way to go. FloorRight Interiors is a Lethbridge Flooring company that specializes in every type of flooring, from carpet and hardwood to laminate and vinyl. Regardless of the type you choose, this team of professionals will provide excellent customer service and install the flooring flawlessly into your home. For any flooring questions or concerns, contact FloorRight Interiors in Lethbridge for their expert opinion.