Leather Flooring

Leather Flooring
Leather is the newest innovation in flooring and are ideal for the customer looking for a contemporary and beautiful floor that is both unique and environmentally responsible.
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    • Leather is pleasing to the touch. Torlys leather floors have a cork backing that provides cushioning, improves acoustics and insulation.
    • Leather is environmentally friendly. Using 100% recycled leather is a natural way to ensure a cycle of material re-use, where leather that would otherwise be wasted is used to create exceptional flooring.

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  • Leather is healthy. Torlys leather floors help you create a healthier home as they contain no harmful VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions, no added formaldehyde and exceed the California Indoor Air Quality standards, among the most stringent in the world.
  • Leather is inherently durable. It can be installed in almost any room of your home and is easy to care for with minimal maintenance.
  • Leather is beautiful. Leather floors are rich and inviting. They create a unique and sophisticated flooring option like no other.
  • Leather floors will dent. Although very durable, leather cannot stand up to the weight and compression of heavy appliances and furniture without protection. Use felt protectors under legs, move furniture around periodically, use glide-guards under appliances and like wood floors, protect your investment with walk-off mats and runners.
  • Leather floors are susceptible to water. As with other floors, standing and continuous moisture is the enemy of a leather floor. Use of walk-off mats and runners, proper sealing and repairing any source of leaks are the answer to this problem.

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  • Leather floors are the newest and most unique innovation in flooring to date. Not only are they attractive, but they are a trend toward healthier and greener floors. Leather for floors is made from recycled material, has no added formaldehyde and contains no harmful VOC emissions.
  • Floating “Uniclic” floors will continue to make sense to consumers. Leather flooring laminated to a high-density fiberboard (HDF) saves money and time for the homeowner. Floating floors can be installed in almost any room in the home and require substantially less floor preparation. While the Uniclic joint system is quicker and easier with less mess.
Not all “Uniclic” systems are created equally. The Uniclic joint system has proved to be the best. It installs horizontally or at an angle and maintains a constant pressure on the joint. The result is no play or gaps. In fact, Uniclic joints are guaranteed not to gap if installed properly. Another feature of the Uniclic joint is that it can be dismantled up to three times. That means it’s easy to take apart for repairs, or move it to another room or maybe the cottage.








Leather Flooring in Lethbridge
Ever Considered a Leather Floor?
It has come time to redo your living room and you are overwhelmed by all the decisions. Do you choose light wood or dark wood? Do you pick a blue color scheme or a green one? Do you get several small couches or a sectional? When it comes to designed a room, it is easy to get caught up in all the details but there are a few keys decisions that you should make right away to make the process easier.

First you should decide what the purpose of the room will be. If it is to relax, you will want comfortable couches but if it is to work in, you will want chairs with a more straight back. Once this is decided, you can decide on furniture that will accommodate the room’s intended use. To bring the room together, you will want to choose a flooring that is durable and will complement your furnishings. Leather flooring is a new innovation that provides a comfortable, environmentally friendly option. It is soft to touch and cushions the feet, as well as has a beautiful, shiny look. Leather flooring contains no chemicals so it is a healthy option, as well as a sustainable choice since it uses 100% recycled leather. The only disadvantages are that leather floors will show damage if water pools on it or something heavy sits on it.

If you are considering redoing your floor, contact FloorRight Interiors in Lethbridge. This Lethbridge flooring renovation store provides exceptional flooring options and will do all the work from start to finish. Whether you want a leather, cork, carpet or hardwood floor, FloorRight Interiors has high-quality materials to meet your every need. Once you decide on the purpose of your room, contact this flooring company to finish the job for you with a team of highly experience professionals.