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Cork Flooring
Cork floors make a lot of sense to consumers who are looking for a beautiful and durable floor that is both healthy and environmentally responsible.
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  • spanmoss flooring lethbridgeCork is soft underfoot. It has a lightweight and flexible honeycomb structure consisting of millions of tiny cells each filled with an air-like gas. When compressed, this gas is released. But when the pressure is off, the cells recover to their original shape. The result is a noticeable resilience that makes cork floors easy on the feet.
  • Cork recovers from dents. It has amazing memory and has been known to recover 95% of its original shape after 50% compression. Cork bounces back when most household articles are dropped onto it. However, felt protectors are required under chair and table legs and heavy long-standing furniture.
  • Cork is extremely resistant to wear. It is less affected by impact and friction than other hard-surface materials because of its unique cellular composition.
  • Cork is healthy. It is naturally hypoallergenic, anti-microbial and anti-fungal. A wax-like, fatty substance occurring in cork cell walls called Suberin repels dust mites and allergens and actively contributes to a healthy home environment.
  • Cork repels insects. This same waxy substance repels bugs, insects, and even termites, while also preventing rot in your cork floor.
  • Cork is environmentally friendly in that it is 100% renewable. It is harvested as bark from living oak cork tree every nine years without harm or damage. Cork flooring is also made from the waste and residue of the wine stopper industry. It is most certainly a Green product and is recognized by the LEED TM Program as a positive contributor in green building.corktree flooring lethbridge
  • Cork insulates. There are literally millions of tiny honeycomb cells in a cubic centimeter of cork. Each of these cells is filled with an air-like gas that insulate against noise, vibration and temperature fluctuation.
  • Cork is fire resistant, and does not release any toxic gases on combustion. The waxy substance Suberin makes cork a natural fire inhibitor.
  • Cork is easy to install. The addition of “Uniclic” technology has brought about renewed interest in cork floors. Now it is possible to install cork below grade and on concrete with relative ease
  • Cork is stain resistant and easy to clean. Sweep, vacuum and damp mopping is all that’s needed to clean your cork floor. However, time and traffic may require that you re-dress your cork floor with additional coats of urethane.
  • Cork is beautiful. There is something very appealing about the natural look of a cork floor. It goes with almost any décor and comes in a variety of stained colors, so the possibilities are endless.
  • cork flooring optionCork floors are susceptible to water. As with other floors, standing and continuous moisture are the enemy of a cork floor. Use of walk-off mats and runners, proper sealing and repairing any source of leaks, are the answer to this problem.
  • Cork floors are not maintenance free. In fact, no floor is maintenance free. Cork floors cleanup easily when maintained regularly, but depending on traffic, can require periodic re-finishing.
  • Cork floors will dent. While it is the most elastic flooring material available, cork cannot stand up to the weight and compression of heavy appliances and furniture without protection. Use felt protectors under legs, move furniture around periodically, use glide-guards under appliances and like wood floors, protect your investment with walk-off mats and runners.

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  • Cork is in itself a trend towards healthier and greener floors. Cork for floors is made from recycled material, has no added formaldehyde and as such has earned the safest E1 rating for off-gassing VOCs.
  • Floating “Uniclic” floors will continue to make sense to consumers. Cork flooring laminated to a high-density fiberboard (HDF) saves money and time for the homeowner. Floating floors can be installed in almost any room in the home and require substantially less floor preparation. While the Uniclic joint system is quicker and easier with less mess.

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  • Not all “Uniclic” systems are created equally. The Uniclic joint system has proved to be the best. It installs horizontally or at an angle and maintains a constant pressure on the joint. The result is no play or gaps. In fact Uniclic joints are guaranteed not to gap if installed properly. Another feature of the Uniclic joint is that it can be dismantled up to three times. That means it’s easy to take apart for repairs, or move it to another room or maybe the cottage.










Lethbridge Cork Flooring
Cork It! In today’s world, many people are trying to reduce their amount of waste and use recycled products instead, whether this is in the things we buy, the things our food is packaged in or the things we use to build our home. One option when it comes to recycled building materials is a cork floor. Cork is harvested from cork trees so it is a renewable resource, and cork flooring is made out of used cork, such as wine bottle stoppers, so it is a recycled resource.

If you were to choose a cork floor for your home, there are many benefits. It is a soft flooring that insulates the floor and provides cushion under foot. Cork is fairly durable, and it can almost completely recover from dents as long as the furniture that made the dent was not too heavy. One major advantage of using cork is that it is environmentally friendly. People choose this type of flooring since it is a renewable resource and it is made from recycled cork. Naturally, it is fire resistant and its waxy texture repels insects. Overall, cork is beautiful and easy to clean but it does have downsides. It does not do well with pooled moisture and it can dent permanently if the furniture on it is too heavy.

Therefore, if you are considering installing a cork floor in your home, contact FloorRight Interiors. FloorRight will provide you with high quality materials, whether it be cork or another type of flooring. Their experienced team will help you choose the best type of flooring for your room and within your budget. With years of experience in the industry, FloorRight can guarantee that your flooring will be installed efficiently and properly.